Introduction Problems and Solutions

The internet, which is one of the biggest developments in the field of technology, cannot function in itself. It is possible to connect and use with the cable connections and modem devices located next to it. The data communication between the computers and the telephone line is called tı modem Bilgisayar. With this device, we can easily use the internet we need at any moment. It is named with different IP addresses in order to distinguish between related devices.

However, even though all the related connections have been made, sometimes your internet may not work properly. This is due to the fact that many times the IP address of cannot be accessed. When you click on the wifi button, if your PC does not see the relevant network name or if you give a warning that the page you are entering cannot be found, some steps must be taken to correct it. Firstly from your computer;

TedirClick on the Start menu to enter the cmd type dos screen when it comes to typing bast ping 192 typing after pressing the enter key if there is no further problem is needed to be corrected. The brand of your modem device also has a significant effect when performing this operation.

Most of the time, all web pages can be accessed, but the modem interface page may not be accessible. In such cases, the first move is to reset the modem device. Press and hold the button on the back of the device for about a few minutes, then release. This process is called reset. After this operation, you may be able to access the page, but your internet connection has been reset as the relevant device provides a factory reset. For this reason, you need to make internet settings first.

192.168.l.l Issue, Do Not Enter

The major remedies that will be applied in relation to this issue are as follows;

  • In the first step, you must make sure that the IP address you enter is the address that belongs to your modem. Because each modem can have different IP addresses. For example, may be,,,, or Obtaining the most accurate information about this issue is a very important issue.
  • If you are sure that the IP address you are using is correct, there may be another solution at this stage by turning off your device and turning it on again for a few minutes.
  • If this method is not the solution for you, this issue will cause another problem that may be wrong time or date settings to update the settings in question is another method that can be applied.
  • In spite of all these adjustments, another way you can implement is to reset our modem if you are having trouble entering the specified IP address. It is important to detect the reset button of your own device because it is different for each modem to do this job.
  • If one of these methods is not the solution for you, the cause of the problem may be the scanner installed on your computer. To correct this situation, it is necessary to try to write a different browser by typing 192.168.l.l in the address bar.
  • It will also be useful to try this way, as the manual that came out of the box when you received your device will give us a solution.
  • As a last step, we can contact the customer representative to get information about our distress.
  • If you do not get successful results again, we will need to get 19216811 ip support to get the necessary operation by going to the authorized service of our device.

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