What is “Retrieving IP Address” Error?

Failure to connect to wireless via smartphones, frequent disconnection of the Internet, or the WiFi address of your phone; If you see the Wifi address, the message ile Retrieving the IP Address ve for a long time during the connection and the lack of connection means you are experiencing a rope configuration error. Failure to connect to the Internet when connected is also one of the configuration errors.

Phone Why Can’t WiFi Connect?

  • Your phone is in power-saving mode.
  • Your phone has not set an appropriate IP address for your modem.
  • The IP address in your DNS settings is incorrect.
  • Connect to a corporate network with an incompatible browser.

How to Solve Android Rope Configuration Error?

If this is due to power saving, you can avoid this problem by selecting the option WiFi on when your phone’s WiFi settings are in power saving.

If you do not have a suitable ip address for the modem, in the Settings section of your phone, enter WiFi settings and change the network. To do this, click the Show Advanced Options button and review the settings in the options that appear. Change the setting you use in the IP Settings section to kısm Static Gelişmiş in the advanced settings. Below this setting are ip addresses. Manually replace the IP address with an address that matches your modem.

If your DNS settings are causing the rope configuration error; your phone’s Settings. Select WiFi settings from here and press and hold Show Advanced Settings. In this area, you can see both your IP addresses and your DNS settings. Change your ip address by connecting to the DNS server.

An Antivirus program installed on your phone may also cause this error. For this reason, we recommend that you change your Antivirus program.

If you are trying to connect to the Internet in a corporate area and cannot connect to the Internet, you will most likely have an encryption system for this network connection. And this system does not work in every browser. This is because browsers have the ability to block automatically opened pages. Either change the setting of your browser to reconnect, enter your password, or try to connect to the internet from a new browser and enter your password. This will resolve the rope configuration error.

Finally, if this error does not repeat frequently, your first option should be to reset your modem.

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